Alvaro Roldán Montes

Alvaro is a native of Chinchon, Madrid, currently residing in Lanzarote, The Canary Islands (Spain)

With over eight years of diving experience, Alvaro started diving at 22 years old, in the Canary Islands, training & gaining professional qualifications.

Based on his love to water activities and adventure sports he decided to open Liquid Planet to offer his students personalized high quality training.

liquid_planet_team_alvaroLast Contract waswith Protec Technical Dive Facility in Tulum, as a technical/cave diving instructor where he gots almost all the technical instructor certificationand gain lots of new nice experiences.

In the last years, Alvaro has been member of the Quiet Diver Exploration Team (QDT). The QDT is a group of many of the leading international cave explorers in theYucatan area and recently members has gone to Africa and Dominical Rep.. As a team, they have now discovered over 40km offlooded cave in the last three years.

Before this he has been contract in some other dive shops in the Caribbean and the Canary Islands.

In 2007, Alvaro obtained his skippers license allowing him to sail internationally a vessel up to a maximum length of 60ft to a distance of 60 miles from shore. He spent three years in the Canary Islands moving vessels between the islands. In 2010 he was a member of a team who sailed across the Atlantic in a 50ft catamaran.


  • PADI & IANTD Recreational diving instructor
  • IANTD Technical cave instructor
  • IANTD Normoxic Trimix instructor
  • PADI & IANTD Sidemount / DPV instructor
  • Commercial diver
  • Certified TDI Hipoxic trimix diver regularly practicing technical dives in different configurations
  • DPV cave diver with lots of DPV and multi DPV dives in both open water and overhead environments.
  • TDI Advanced gas blender
  • Vessel Skipper