Liquid Planet Dive Centre

Liquid Planet is a diving and sailing facility located in Lanzarote

Liquid Planet welcomes you to our modern facility. Here we provide you with a comfortable meeting place; where our experts help you to plan your diving and sailing trip and your future adventures

You can check a nice variety of technical diving gear in different configurations, single, double o side mount gear that you can try before buy.

Our new facility features a classroom with TV; where you can learn easily with our diving videos or watching yourself after the dives so you can see in which areas you need to improve and in which you are doing it properly.There is a complete workshop, where you can fix any issue you have with your dive gear, while you visit Lanzarote. At the back of the center, we have a nice cleaning & storage area

We count with a modern filling station where we can do any diferent type of mixes. The filling station is based on the Btrox system from Bahuer, to generate air and nitrox (compresor, filters and membrane) and pure oxygen, helium and a booster pump to generate deep diving mixes and decompresion gases




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