In winter time the island has a temeperature variation between 17° to 23°C at night get chilly and during the day is warm and sunny

Is recomended some coat to cover at night and swim clotes for the sunny day

In summer time the temperature rises between 25° and 30°C

Water temperature

Winter 18°C and summer 24°C


Viento, oleaje y temperatura actual del agua

Rent a car

The roads in the island are generally good, the distances are short and the you can enjoy the fantastic landscapes while driving. It is totaly recomended to rent a car to get to know this amazing island

There are many rent a car companies in the island, is recomemded to rent the car in the airport and drop it there at the end of the hollidays

You can find some cars to rent in the following bottons


Cabrera Medina


Gastronomy and local markets

Typical food in the island is variated, but can be pointed the fresh fish, the well known “papas con mojo” (little potatoes with hot sauce), “el gofio” mix of fluors used to prepare several dishes and also the Lanzarote chees and wine

If wish to buy fresh food (fruits, vegetables, chees, dry fish, bread and deserts), you can go to “el mercadillo de Mancha Blanca” in Mancha blanca village, open on sundays. Ideal to convine with some “tapas” in Teguise village where also on sundays you can find a local handicrafts and souvenir market or just giving a try to local wine in La Geria area

Also is recomended some little fisherman restaurants in “Playa Quemada” & “el Golfo” village, where you can have lunch few meters far from the ocean.

On each little village there is a social club call “Teleclub” also you can enjoy typical food in this little local restaurans and usually in very good prices, you can try the “teleclub” of the following villages: Macher, La Asomada y Nazaret