Lanzarote Island

Lanzarote is a unique place. Located in the heart of the Atlantic is a volcanic Pearl of the Canary Islands

Lanzarote is full or amazing corners with beautiful beaches and incredible volcanoes landscapes where you can find its typical white little villages

The island is 80km long aprox and 25km wide and it can be driven around in couple of day visits, dividing it in north and south for each day. Also it counts on the north side with the Archipelago Chinijo, a little archipelago form by 5 little islands where only one is populated, the Graciosa Island and can be visit by a short ferry cruise.





Cesar Manrique

To know a little more about why the island has this armony feeling, apart from its relaxing landscapes that inpires calm, is recomended to know about Cesar Manrique´s life.

He born in 1919 in this island, he was an artist and used Lanzarote nature to express his art, he did modifications in natural places but with sense and creativity and taking in consideration the conservation of the natural area.


Documental vida de Manrique