Lanzarote Island

Loving this place!

Lanzarote is a unique place. Located in the heart of the Atlantic is a volcanic Pearl of the Canary Islands

The born of the island started 250 million years ago when the bottom of the ocean start breaking and volcanoes start erupting, them 11 million years ago the volcanoes arise to the surface and a new island was born with the oldest area of the island, Risco de Famara and the Ajaches area and then successive eruptions makes the island landscapes up to what it looks now

Lanzarote is full or amazing corners with incredible beaches and beautiful volcanoes landscapes where you can find its typical white little villages

The island is 80km long aprox and 25 wide and it can be driven around in couple of day visits, dividing it in north and south for each day. Also it counts on the north side with the Archipelago Chinijo, a little archipelago form by 5 little islands where only one is populated, the Graciosa Island and can be visit by a short ferry cruise.

Dives in Lanzarote is fantastic, you can find oceanic great animals like tunas and tiny small creatures like diverse types of nudibranch among others. Also is well known by the underwater volcanic reefs and the lava

The Dive profiles are really flexible and adaptable for deep diving, you can dive from boat or from shore, in this last one you don’t need to swim much due to the great deeps of the surrounding ocean, and as the ocean surface is located almost in the peak of the submarine volcano, the ascents can be done near the reef so it doesn’t get boring in the blue while long decompressions.

I am enjoying a lot multilevel dives so the gas and the bottom times are extended and there is interest on different levels, and decompression obligation doesn’t get really extended by doing change of depths and not really long bottom times at maximum deep, also it helps to do half of the bottom time in one direction and the other half in the other to come back to the exit point while shore diving

So the islands has a little bit of everything, nice location, nice weather all year long, nice dive sites, nice dive profiles, and also why not to say, nice food!!!!

See you around enjoying our passions, traveling, diving and having good life!!

Alvaro :)