Lanzarote Dive Sites Guide

Lanzarote is a ideal spot for shore and boat diving

The island is divided into diferent dive areas, Puerto del Carmen ( playa chica y playa grande), Playa blanca, Mala and the Charco del Palo and La Graciosa island Area La isla se divide en diferentes zonas de buceo, Puerto del Carmen (playa chica y playa grande), Playa blanca, Mala y el Charco del Palo y la zona de la Graciosa

If you like to get detailed information about each dive site go to “Lanzarote dive sites” button. It will redirect you to a complete dive guide of each area of Lanzarote and the Graciosa island, with pictures, maps and what you can find on each point, also access and depths

Inmersiones Lanzarote



The guide doesnt show the deep diving profiles of the island, but below 50 mt depth there is an amazing black coral forrest that can be visited on Trimix dives, also some nice wrecks we develop our courses

Liquid Planet values the extended bottom times, get in contact to us and we can desing a personal technical diving chart for your vacation according to your personal needs, can be done in backmount configuration as in sidemount using different bottom gases and decompression gases, also DPVs (scooters) to reach farther areas from shore